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Before knowing about fermented foods, I struggled with depression from a fairly early age. I was on a variety of different SSRIs (Serotonin re-uptake Inhibitors; anti-depressants). After around 12 years of usage alongside counselling and other treatments, I was feeling hopeless and a little lost.

I’ve always been curious about the naturopathic approach and began reading testimonials and success stories with alternative methods. I managed to swap my anti-depressants for St. Johns Wort, which helped me for a while but in the long run I didn’t feel that this was the treatment for me. So I slowly but surely weaned myself off everything over the next year which was one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever faced.

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Some Feedback We've Received

carters of moseley

I’ve been a fan of kombucha for years & have made my own as well, but I tried Alyn’s & it blew me away!!

I love the plain, it’s the definition of how to make it perfectly, sweet, acidic, clean & pure, I’ve also tried his Jun which is super special, his passion really comes through in his product & we are proud to sell it in our equally passionate restaurant.

Brad Carter
Carters of Moseley
Indigo Wholefoods

As a retailer of Alyn’s Kombucha and Kefir drinks it is a joy to me to be able to share in my customers excitement and passion for these products. Rarely does a product evoke so many positive comments from customers and disappointment when I run out. The pleasure is all the greater as Alyn regularly shared with me his experiences as he learnt about fermented food and how to develop his product when he got to that stage. That he has produced a product of such outstanding quality that it has become one of the most popular products I have ever sold is testament to Alyn’s dedication to his subject, product and business. I enjoy Alyn’s Kombucha myself.

My favourite is Vanilla Berry Booch closely followed by Quencher and Kombujito. Drinking Kombucha everyday definitely helps my digestive system look after itself which in turn helps me in many other ways.

Thanks Alyn.

George Howell
Indigo Wholefoods


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