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Before knowing about fermented foods, I struggled with depression from a fairly early age. I was on a variety of different SSRIs (Serotonin re-uptake Inhibitors; anti-depressants). After around 12 years of usage alongside counselling and other treatments, I was feeling hopeless and a little lost.

I’ve always been curious about the naturopathic approach and began reading testimonials and success stories with alternative methods. I managed to swap my anti-depressants for St. Johns Wort, which helped me for a while but in the long run I didn’t feel that this was the treatment for me. So I slowly but surely weaned myself off everything over the next year which was one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever faced.

After the transition, I still felt that I needed help. Whilst scouring the internet for natural remedies to alleviate my issues, I came across the link between the brain and gut. When I learned that over 90 percent of our serotonin & melatonin is created in the gut, I felt sure that my gut health could, in part, be affecting my mental health.

I drew a lot of inspiration from Donna Schwenk, with her book, ‘Cultured food for life’. After some experimentation with fermented foods, I was astounded at how I felt once I began rebalancing my gut flora. My digestive issues quickly dissipated but, the biggest wow factor was the significant change in mood, I now have much longer periods without feeling negative or low.

May I say at this point that I’ve now realised it’s actually ok to feel negatively charged emotions , occasionally and this journey involves kind acceptance of this when they manifest.

Thankyou for taking time to read this

Alyn Norris

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The Kombucha Household

my children

Ben & Jacob

The Kids

Our Ben (Left) and Jacob (right) love drinking the booch and eating the scoby, which is the sheet of friendly bacteria which turns the green tea mixture into its probiotic form. Yummy!


Girlfriend & Juicing master

Without Shelley, we wouldn’t get the exotic mixes and unique depth of flavour which sets us apart from other kombucha brands. Thank you for staying up late juicing that watermelon hun!

girlfriend and juicer
Alyn Norris

Alyn Norris


Since delving into the manufacture of probiotic beverages, it’s been quite a journey and have met many amazing people along the way. Thank you!

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