We’ve Now Got Booch On Tap!

POSTED BY Kombuch1 | Jul, 26, 2017 |

What does pulling a cold one from the tap remind you of? I’m guessing it’s not kombucha draft. But here it is!

I’ve decided to jump on the innovation wagon and put my problem solving/creativity to good use.

Adding a little bit of co2 to give the tank pressure for the tap to work, our plain kombucha now has a little more fizz to it if you so decide to try our booch on tap from one of our markets, events or restaurants.

The flavour has been likened to many things, a few being “healthy Fanta”, “prosecco”, “champaigne” and even “a light cider”.  It can be bought in bottles, but we also offer large and small recyclable cups to curious and intrigued passers-by.

Prices are as follows:

Small cup: £1.50

Large cup: £3.00

330ml glass bottle: £3.50

3 x 330ml glass bottles: £10 (mix and match with other flavours if you like)


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